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As a leading provider of cutting-edge SEO and content marketing solutions, Ahrefs has now set its sights on a new frontier – the inaugural Ahrefs EVOLVE conference.

Industry conferences have long been recognized as invaluable platforms for learning, networking, and staying updated on the latest trends. Ahrefs EVOLVE promises to be a big break, bringing together over 500 digital marketing enthusiasts from around the globe to Singapore for two days of insightful discussions, practical workshops, and unforgettable networking opportunities.

Let’s learn more about this event, including its location, timing, and prices. 

Ahrefs EVOLVE Conference: Overview

Event DateOctober 24-25, 2024
LocationPan Pacific Orchard, Singapore
Timings9 AM to 6 PM
Key SpeakersAleyda Solis, Amanda King, Tim Soulo, Lily Ray
Conference FocusSEO, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategies
Ticket Price$570 (Regular), $840 (VIP)

Scheduled for October 24-25, 2024, the Ahrefs EVOLVE conference will be held at the Pan Pacific Orchard in Singapore, a stunning venue that seamlessly blends modern architecture with lush greenery. 

Ahrefs EVOLVE Conference
Source: Ahrefs

This conference is designed to cater to a diverse audience of SEO professionals, digital marketers, content creators, and business owners. It gives them a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the latest strategies and best practices.

The conference’s primary focus will be exploring the cutting-edge trends and techniques transforming the world of SEO and digital marketing. From the latest advancements in technical SEO to the most effective content marketing strategies, Ahrefs SEO Conference will cover a wide range of topics that are essential for success in today’s competitive landscape.

Speakers And Agenda

Ahrefs EVOLVE has assembled an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, each with a proven track record of success in their respective fields. Attendees can look forward to insightful presentations and panel discussions from industry luminaries such as 

  • Aleyda Solis (Founder, Orainti)
  • Jason Hennessey (CEO, Hennessey Digital)
  • Tim Soulo (CMO, Ahrefs)
  • Amanda King (Marketing and SEO Consultant)
  • Ryan Law (Director of Content Marketing, Ahrefs)
  • And many more

The conference agenda is packed with a diverse range of sessions and workshops, catering to the attendees’ varied interests and needs. 

Attendees can expect to dive deep into advanced CTR optimization, performance branding, and the latest developments in Ahrefs’ own suite of tools. Additionally, dedicated networking events will provide ample opportunities for attendees to connect with their peers and forge meaningful connections.

Why Attend Ahrefs EVOLVE?

Attending the Ahrefs EVOLVE conference offers a unique and invaluable experience for industry professionals. Key benefits of attending Ahrefs EVOLVE:

  • Learn from the Best: Gain actionable insights and strategies from top industry experts.
  • Network with Peers: Connect with like-minded professionals and potential collaborators.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Get the knowledge and tools to navigate the evolving digital landscape.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage: Apply cutting-edge tactics to your SEO and marketing efforts.
  • Inspiring Environment: Surround yourself with innovators and thought leaders in the industry.
  • Hands-on Workshops: Participate in interactive workshops for practical skill development.
  • Explore New Technologies: Discover the latest tools and technologies shaping the future of SEO and digital marketing.

Registration And Pricing

Ahrefs EVOLVE offers two ticket options to cater to the diverse needs of attendees. Here are early bird ticket prices for one person:

Ticket TypePrice
Ahrefs EVOLVE Offers Two Ticket Options
Source: Ahrefs

You can also save up to 20% on purchasing 10 tickets at once. The discounted pricing starts at two tickets. 

Early bird discounts are available until August 1, 2024, providing significant savings for those who register early. In addition, group discounts are offered for those looking to attend the conference with colleagues or team members.

Accommodation And Travel

For attendees traveling to Singapore, Ahrefs has curated a list of recommended hotels near the conference venue, offering a variety of price points and amenities. 

Accommodation And Travel
Source: Ahrefs

The Pan Pacific Orchard is easily accessible from Changi Airport, with various transportation options available, including taxis, public transportation, and ride-sharing services. Attendees should be aware of any visa requirements that may apply to international travelers.

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Conclusion: Attend The Two-day Ahrefs EVOLVE Conference In Singapore!

Ahrefs EVOLVE promises to be a transformative event for the digital marketing community. By bringing together industry leaders, innovative thinkers, and passionate professionals, this conference will provide attendees with the knowledge, connections, and inspiration they need to take their careers and businesses to new heights.

Whether you’re an experienced SEO specialist, a content marketing enthusiast, or a business owner looking to stay ahead of the curve, the Ahrefs EVOLVE conference is an opportunity not to be missed. Visit the official Ahrefs EVOLVE website to learn more and secure your spot at this groundbreaking event.

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