The SEO Project


Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

I’m Joshua Hardwick. I’m 24-years-old and for the past 6+ years, SEO has been my life.

I started my first “proper” website at 18 – an old-school business directory for my local town – but a few months into it, I realised that barely anyone even knew it existed. I was getting a few visits each day and, as you can imagine, that didn’t sell much advertising.

This is when I stumbled across “SEO”.

I started reading blog posts, watching videos, and doing pretty much anything I could to understand what it was all about.

I was obsessed (and I still am).

Since then, I’ve launched more websites than I can possibly remember. I’ve had Amazon affiliate sites (one of which was actually pretty successful), a couple of fitness blogs, and countless others.

I now work as a freelance SEO consultant.

Being so engrossed in the world of SEO for 6+ years – and reading countless SEO blogs – I’ve noticed a couple of things:

  1. Most so-called SEO blogs are absolute garbage.
  2. There’s a crazy amount of misinformation out there.

That’s why I started The SEO Project – an “SEO blog” that (hopefully) isn’t complete garbage.


What sets The SEO Project apart from all the other SEO blogs?

  1. I’m 100% focussed on SEO: Nearly all other “SEO blogs” feature some crossover into other areas of marketing (e.g. email marketing; PPC, copywriting, etc.). I will not be talking about any of those subjects. I’m 100% focussed on “SEO” – as that’s my area of expertise – and do not wish to dilute my content.
  1. I don’t use affiliate links: Most SEO bloggers make the bulk of their money from affiliate links (this is where they actively promote products that pay a hefty commission when someone purchases through their link). While I do occasionally mention products and services, you won’t find any affiliate links on The SEO Project. Any products I mention are the ones I personally use and find to be the best.
  1. Simplicity: I believe that behind the ever-increasing veil of misinformation, the fundamentals of “SEO” are actually very simple, and can easily be taught to – and understood by – almost anyone.