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Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

Website feedback sites allow webmasters to gain feedback on their site from actual visitors.

This feedback can then be used to improve the site.

For example, here’s some feedback I left on a friends website recently on


Most of these sites are free to use and almost all of them allow you to link to your site when you add it for review.

Here’s how to gain links from these sites:

First, you need to find some website feedback sites to submit your site to.

To do this, simply Google the following:

[ecko_wide]website-feedback-site-search[/ecko_wide] is the first result…


…so let’s submit our site to that as an example.

First, fill in the URL of your site (or the specific page you want to obtain a link to).

For this example, let’s go for


Then click the “Take screenshot” button.

Next, fill in your “Special request to reviewers” – one simple question works best here, such as “How would you improve the call-to-actions?”.


Click “Submit”.

Sign up with a username and email address when prompted, and you’re done.

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