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Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

YouTube isn’t the only place you can upload your video(s)…

There’s also Vimeo




And many others.

By uploading your videos to multiple video sharing sites, you can ensure that your content reaches the largest possible audience.

Oh, and almost all of them let you link back to your site too.

Note: Most sites tend add a “nofollow” tag to your links.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a video
  2. Upload it to multiple video sharing sites (and add your link)

If you don’t already have a video created, you have a few options:

Assuming you’ve already got a video, it’s then just a case of uploading it to your chosen video sharing site(s).

Let’s use Vimeo for this example:

First, go to Vimeo and sign up for an account (100% free):


Sign in, then click the “Upload” button on the top-menu bar:


Choose your video file, and it should automatically begin uploading.

Next, fill in the details for your video (i.e. title, description, tags, etc.) – make sure to include a link in your description:


Finally, double-check that the “Privacy” is set to “Anyone can see this video”:


Save, then rinse and repeat the process with more video-sharing sites.

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