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Many of you will remember the (likely numerous) occasions a guest speaker visited your university, college, or school.

It probably was as great as this epic TED talk…


…but it probably got you out of lessons for a few hours.

If you have a lot of knowledge in a particular area (e.g. marketing) – and you’re comfortable speaking in front of a large number of students – you may want to consider a guest speakership at a local university/college/school.

Not only will this significantly raise your profile, but most universities also list the names of guest speakers on their sites, along with their associated company, website URL (yes, this means a link), and course notes.

Here’s an example from The University of Pennsylvania:


It’s a blog post that was published after a guest speaker attended the university, and as you can see, it links out to the speakers company website.

Here’s how to do it:

Finding speakership opportunities can be done with a few simple Google search operators:




Almost all results should be “guest speaker” related pages on .edu (i.e. university) domains, and most of them will be guest speaker application pages.

Here’s what it will probably look like:


If it looks like a university is on the lookout for guest speakers – and you feel you could contribute something of value – consider filling out the application.

Note: You might want to quickly research each website before doing so, in order to check whether previous speakers have received a backlink anywhere on the website.

Should you get accepted for a guest speakership gig by any of the universities/colleges/schools, make sure to not only accept the gig, but also create some course notes that the university can then upload to their website after the gig is complete (along with a link to your website).

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