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The Influential Commenter Upsell Technique

Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

People who have already commented on your blog are likely to be great prospects for promoting future (or other already-existing) content.


Because they’ve engaged with you before, meaning that they’re clearly fans of your content.

Some may even have commented multiple times, like fellow SEO, Venchito Tampon has on Brian Deans blog here:




And here:


At the very least, outreaching to these people will bring a good number of engaged readers to new pieces of content.

But, you can take this technique one step further, by promoting your content to any influential blog commenters, building relationships, and (hopefully) links.

Here’s how to do it:

Scraping you blog comments might sound like a time-consuming task, but you can use this nifty WordPress plugin – created by the guys over at SEER – to automate the process:


Install it, run it, and you should be left with a .csv the following data for all commenters:

Next, order your data by Domain Authority. Look down the list and see if you can spot any influential names (e.g. Wil Reynolds – if you were in the SEO space).

Now, look at the post(s) they commented on – if you have a similar piece of content they might not have seen, consider reaching out and promoting that content to them using this template:

“Hey [NAME],


I was just reading this post by [INSERT AUTHOR NAME] and noticed your comment.

Just wanted to give you a quick shout as I’ve actually just published a similar piece of content on my blog, entitled [INSERT TITLE].

Just thought you might want to check it out?

Here’s the link: [INSERT LINK].

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Anything I could improve?


Note: It’s important not to mention the word “link” (or any reference to links) in your outreach email. Simply let them know that they might be interested in your piece of content as they previously commented on your blog.

If you’re really desperate for a link, you could use techniques such as broken link building, deep broken link building, The Moving Man Method, etc. to find pages on their website where a link to your piece of content might add value. However, you should ONLY do this once you’ve established a good rapport/relationship with the influencer.

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  • Oyekunle Damola
    Posted on

    Oyekunle Damola Oyekunle Damola

    Reply Author

    Ok this is a very wonderful method and thanks for sharing a plugin that makes it easy. I definitely would be using this together with the skyscraper method

    • Joshua Hardwick
      Posted on

      Joshua Hardwick Joshua Hardwick

      Reply Author

      No problem, Oyekunle, the plugin hasn’t been updated in a while if I remember rightly? But I think it still works?

      Let me know if that isn’t the case and I’ll try to find an alternative.