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The Crowdsourced Contributor Technique

Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

Crowdsourced content is ridiculously popular these days.

This is mainly due to the fact that it allows webmasters to create high-quality content with less effort (as most of the content is essentially crowdsourced and contributed by other people).

Here’s an example of a crowdsourced post (from AgencyAnalytics):


It essentially gives 11 “experts” views on getting SEO clients.

Look down the post and you’ll see that each featured “expert” gets a nice, juicy link back to their site:


If you can contribute to a crowdsourced post, you’ll usually have a good chance to obtain a backlink from the finished post.

And, because crowdsourced posts often gain a lot of backlinks, this will be a high-quality link too.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find crowdsourced post opportunities
  2. Contribute

Finding crowdsourced post opportunities can be difficult, as they can come in many different forms.

“Expert roundups” are perhaps the most popular form of crowdsourced post, but these are fast-becoming overdone (especially in the marketing space).

Other forms of crowdsourced post include:

Google is the best place to start when looking for such opportunities, as you can use search operators to find plenty, such as:


This will find many pages like this:

[ecko_wide]Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 14.23.51[/ecko_wide]

While you might assume this opportunity has already been and gone, it’s quite easy to reach out and simply say “hey, fancy an extra tip/quote/opinion for your post?”

It doesn’t always work, but if you can offer something of real value (instead of just an extra bit of fluff), you stand a decent chance.

Here’s an outreach template you can use:

“Hey [NAME],

Just came across your post about [INSERT POST TOPIC].

Just wondering: would you like an extra [QUOTE/TIP/OPINION] for the post? 

Let me know,


Note: HARO is an effective method to find crowdsourced posts, as journalists and bloggers often crowdsource quotes and opinions for use in their articles.





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