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The Content Gap Technique

Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

Not even the greatest blog post covers everything.

When this happens, you have a “content gap”.



The Skyscraper Technique – written by Brian Dean – is a massively well-known blog post in the SEO niche:


It’s incredibly thorough, and goes into a lot of detail regarding exactly how to execute the technique.

But even with content this great, there are still opportunities for improvement…

For example, when Brian talks about finding people who have linked to competitors’ content, he gives a three-step process:

[ecko_wide]Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 21.21.57[/ecko_wide]

But, after doing step #1, step #2 states that you should “weed out referring pages that don’t make sense to contact”…

…yet he doesn’t tell you exactly how to do this.

This is a perfect example of a content gap, as there is, quite literally, a gap in the knowledge needed to perfectly execute the technique.


Here’s how you can execute this process:

It’s important that you find posts from authoritative sites that you’d actually want a link from – the more popular the page is, the better (as the link will be worth more).

Go to Ahrefs and plug in one of your favourite blogs in your industry (e.g.


Go to the “best by links” tab under “Pages” on the left-hand sidebar.

[ecko_wide] best-by-links[/ecko_wide]

You’ll then see all the pages on the site in the order of popularity (i.e. most linked to).

Visit these posts one-by-one and look for “content gaps”.

When you find one, fix the problem.

This might involve writing a blog post, creating a video, making a spreadsheet that automates something, etc.

Finally, reach out to the blogger and let them know about your solution.

Here’s an outreach template you can use:

“Hey [NAME],


Just read your post about [TOPIC] – really great stuff, so thanks!

Just wanted to give you a quick heads-up as I struggled with part about [INSERT CONTENT GAP]. 

I actually made a [CONTENT TYPE – e.g. SPREADSHEET] that solves the problem – here’s a link: [LINK TO CONTENT].

I’d be more than happy for you to include it in your post, I think it would be super-useful for your other visitors.

Let me know what you think.



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