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Short-form Link Reclamation

Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

[ecko_quote source=”Ross Hudgens (Siege Media)”][Short form text is a] small chunk of content that you have created that is deemed worthy enough to mention, that may be plagiarised or referred to with or without a link[/ecko_quote]

It could be:

…a quote (source: Twitter):


…a data point (source:


…a definition (source:


Or anything else that fits Ross’ description.

If you can create and incorporate short form text into your content, it stands a good chance of getting republished on third-party sites across the web…

…which means: LINKS!

But, the publisher won’t always remember to link back to the source (i.e. your website), which is where “short-form link reclamation” comes in.

Here’s how to do it:

Incorporating short form text into your content is relatively straightforward.

Just come up with a quote/definition/data point that people will actually want to republish.

A quick Google search for Rands aforementioned quote shows over 1,000 results:


That’s potential a lot of links.

But, some of them will need reclaiming, like this one:


Note: You can increase the chance of your “short-form content” being republished by incorporating it into your most popular content – that way, more people will see it (and possibly republish it).

To find other instances of your short form content on the web, it’s simply a case of Googling a part of it in quotes, like this:


Note: Don’t Google the entire piece of short form content in quotes, as you may get slightly misquoted from time to time. Googling a small snippet allows you to find most of the websites that are using your quote.

Visit each result manually and see if they’re using your content on their page.

If they are, check to see if they’re linking back to the source (i.e. your website) or not.

If not, reach out to them and attempt to reclaim the link using this template:

“Hey [NAME],


I was just reading your post on [INSERT TOPIC] and noticed you used my {QUOTE | DEFINITION | DATA POINT}.

Really cool to see it being used like that 🙂

Just a quick question though: would you mind linking back to the source from the post (i.e. my site)?

Let me know.



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