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Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

Resource pages are nothing more than curated webpages, which link to the best pieces of content (i.e. resources) in a given niche.

These links can be either internal (i.e. to pages on the same domain) or external (i.e. to pages on an external website).

Here’s an example:


These pages provide the perfect link building opportunity as – provided you already have a great “linkworthy” resource on your site – you can reach out to the curator/author of said resource page(s) with the aim of obtaining a link to your content.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find niche specific resource pages (i.e. resource pages in your industry)
  2. Obtain the contact details for the author/curator/webmaster
  3. Reach out and attempt to gain a link

Note: You MUST have a high-quality, niche-related, “linkworthy” piece of content on your website in order to use this technique.

First, you need to actually find some resource pages to build links from.

Go to Google and enter this search operator:


Or this one:


Note: Don’t opt for anything too specific at this stage (e.g. “abdominal exercises” or “healthiest cereals”). Keep it relatively broad.

Now, you should see a bunch of search results that look something like this:


Most of the search results should be the kind of resource pages we’re looking for, but you’ll need to click through to each site individually to confirm.

Note down any resource pages you’d like to obtain a link from.

Next, look for the author name and contact information on the page itself.

Note this down too.

Now, you have all the information you need to reach out to the author of the page and suggest a link.

Here’s an outreach template you can use:

“Hi [NAME],

Just came across your huge list of [TOPIC] resources on [WEBSITE].

Seriously epic!

I particularly loved [INSERT RESOURCE LINK] – really great resource.

I’ve actually just created a [TOPIC] resource myself; I thought it might make a nice addition to the page.




Tip: You may get a better response rate from email outreach if you make contact via Twitter (or another method) first.

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  • Abdullah Prem
    Posted on

    Abdullah Prem Abdullah Prem

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    Great content to learn all the secrets about link building but i would like to know the blog commenting techniques in depth to learn.

    • Joshua Hardwick
      Posted on

      Joshua Hardwick Joshua Hardwick

      Reply Author

      Abdullah, there’s a short guide to blog commenting on the list. Check it out 🙂