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Non-English Directories

Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

If you’ve made the effort to translate your site into another language, it’s worth adding it to any non-English directories you can find.

These are few and far between – and not all of them are great quality – but some of them offer a great way to obtain a few extra links to your site.

Here’s the process:

  1. Find non-English directories
  2. Submit your site

There are a number of already-existing pages online that list non-English directories (such as this one):

Select your language (e.g. German) and sift through the list of directories, taking note of any that you feel are a good match for your website:


Next, go to these sites and find the “Submit” or “Add a listing” button.

Note: Obviously, these sites won’t be written in English, so finding the “add a listing” button may be difficult. Luckily – if you’re using Chrome – Google will offer to translate the page for you at the touch of a button. Use this feature to your advantage.

Fill in your details (making sure to add your site link) and click the submit button.


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