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Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

If you’ve been investing in content over the years, chances are you’ll have a number of PDFs, presentations, and possibly even written documents that could be used for link building purposes.

There are a number of multimedia and document-sharing websites out there, which are 100% free to submit content to.

You can even include links within the content itself, like Rand Fishkin does here:


Here’s the process:

  1. Round up suitable content (i.e. PDFs, Powerpoint presentations, etc.)
  2. Submit to document-sharing websites

There’s no real trick to rounding up your content; it’s a case of sifting through your companies’ files, or working with your client to uncover them from their archives.

When you have them, you need to edit them so that there’s a link back to your site somewhere in the file itself.

Next, visit these sites and submit your documents:

All of these sites are free to join (which you’ll need to do, in order to submit documents), and content can be submitted simply by uploading your documents.

Here’s a list of 200+ sites if you wish to submit your documents to even more sites.

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