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Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

If you Google almost anything these days, you’ll probably come across one (or more) list posts on the first page.

For example, take a look at the search results for “how to make money online”:


Not only are the majority of first page results numbered list posts, Google even includes a featured snippet.

Here’s how to create your own (successful) list post:

Let’s stick with our original example and assume that you’re looking to write a blog post about “how to make money online”; it’s clear that a list-style post is probably the best way to go.

It’s also clear that there are plenty of existing list posts on the subject, including this list of 40 tips:


…this one of 30:


And this one of 72:


Most of these posts have a bunch of links pointing at them too:


If you were to combine all of these lists into one “master” list, chances are you could steal links from all of the combined lists.

It’s then just a case of reaching out to those linking to the – now inferior – lists and letting them know about your new improved list, while also suggesting that they might want to replace the old link with a link to your improved post.

It’s basically The Skyscraper Technique, but with a focus on lists.

Here’s a basic outreach template to use:

“Hey [NAME],

I was just reading your post about [TOPIC] and noticed you linked to this list of [INSERT LIST TOPIC] (this one: [INSERT LINK])

Great list! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve actually published an updated, more in-depth version of this page (it has [NUMBER OF LIST ITEMS] rather than just [NUMBER OF ITEMS ON THE OLD LIST].

Here it is: [INSERT LINK]

Might make a nice addition/replacement on the page?


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