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Guest books (you might remember them from the 90’s) allow people to sign and comment on websites.

Here’s an example:


Very few sites have them these days, but some of the older – less updated – sites still have them embedded, and they’re usually pretty easily to get a link from (if you can find them).

Here’s the process:

As mentioned, not many sites have guest posts installed these days, so finding them can be difficult.

Here are a couple of Google search terms you can use to do-so:




If you manage to find any guest book opportunities, visit the site and check that the guest book is live.

If it is, sign it and grab your link.

Note: Because most sites with guest books still embedded will be old and outdated, it pays to double-check whether or not you actually want to gain a link from that site before signing. You should also check the quality of any existing outbound links from the page – they can often be low-quality as many webmasters have likely spammed the site.

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