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Guest posting involves writing a blog post for a site other than your own – such as a leading industry blog – in order to build links and gain exposure for your brand.

Webmasters accepting guest posts usually give you (the author) a short “author bio” at the end of the post, where you’re free to link back to your website.

Here’s what a typical author bio might look like:


Note: Some webmasters may even be happy for you to link to other pages or posts on your site from within the guest post itself – which is usually preferable to a “bio” link – but unfortunately, you usually have to fight for this.



Ryan Stewart (possibly the king of guest posting, at least in the SEO niche) recently wrote a guest post for


It’s a super in-depth post (and well worth a read if you’re interested in marketing through Reddit) and as you can see, includes a short author bio (at the beginning of the post), which links back to Ryans agency website; Webris:



Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find guest post opportunities
  2. Reach out to the webmaster
  3. Write your post (including author bio + link)
  4. Send it to them and get your link

Finding guest posting opportunities is relatively straightforward, and can be done using a few simple Google search operators, including:




You should now see a number of industry-specific sites that accept guest contributions, like this:


Make a note of any sites you feel you’d like to contribute to, along with the contact details for the webmaster (you can usually find these on the “write for us” page).

Next, reach out to the sites via email asking if they’d be interested in a guest contribution. Most of the time, you’ll get a better response if you let them know the topic (or a rough working title) of the post you have in mind.

Here’s a template you can use:

“Hey [NAME],


I was wondering if you’re still accepting guest posts, as I had an idea for a post that I feel would be perfect for your site.

Basically, I was thinking something along the lines of [INSERT WORKING TITLE NAME], where I’d discuss [GIVE A BRIEF, 2-3 SENTENCE OVERVIEW OF YOUR POST].

Would you be interested?



If they respond positively and give the go-ahead for the post, write a draft (or hire a freelancer to write it for you) and send it over to them ASAP.

Note: Remember to include your author bio with link (the most important part!).

Here’s a template for the response:

“[NAME], I’ve attached my initial draft. Take a look and let me know what you think; I’m more than happy to make any changes you feel might be necessary.



If you’re a competent writer, your initial draft should be pretty much spot-on and won’t require many changes (if any!), but you should always work with the webmaster to ensure that they’re happy.

It’s then simply a case of waiting for your post to go live.

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