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Millions of people run a blog, but not all of these people have their own self-hosted blog with their own domain name.

Many of them are hosted on (and other free blogging solutions):

Even blogging extraordinaire, Seth Godin, relies on Typepad to host his blog:


Creating and giving away brand new blogs (i.e. self-hosted blogs + domain name) to these people can be a great way to land links.

And, because you’re creating the blog on their behalf, you have the power to insert your link anywhere into the blog during the setup process.

You can even utilise any anchor text you like.

Note: Web designers/developers have been utilising this technique for years. If you’ve ever come across a website developed by a particular company, you’ll likely have seen a “designed by COMPANY NAME” at the bottom of the page (with “COMPANY NAME” being a backlink).

Here’s how to do it:

Here are a few Google search operators you can use to find bloggers who are actively blogging, yet don’t have their own domain name:




You should see a bunch of blogs (related to your niche) in the search results that are not self-hosted (e.g.

Here’s an example:


Sift through these blogs by manually and note down any that are creating high quality content on a regular basis.

Also, note down the bloggers contact information (if you can find it).

Next, you need to build-up some trust and establish some sort of relationship with the blogger

This can be done by:

When you’ve build at least some connection, reach out to them (preferably via email) with this template:

“Hey [NAME],

I hope you’re well.

I’ve just invested in some new web hosting for my site and, well, I was wondering if you might also like to host your site on my server?

I wouldn’t charge you anything, all I’d ask is that you link to my site from yours.

I can also help you get set up with a custom domain and everything if you like?

Let me know what you think 🙂


If they like the idea, work with them to create a self-hosted blog (so buy a domain name, grab some free hosting, setup WordPress, etc.) – include a link to your site in the blogroll in the process.

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