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Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

If you’re anything like me, you probably instantly delete and disapprove any pingback/trackback requests you receive on your website:


But, it’s important to remember this: some websites still give pingback and trackback links (yes, even in 2016).

By finding these sites and linking to them from your content, you can build a few extra links quite easily.

Note: Pingback/trackback links are usually nofollow, but there are a few dofollow ones out there – it’s just a case of hunting them down.

Here’s the process:

Finding websites that allow pingbacks and trackbacks can be done with this simple Google search operator:


And this one:


Sift through the search results and note down any websites that you would like a pingback/trackback link from.

Note: It also pays to double-check that they actually do allow pingbacks/trackbacks – you can do this by navigating to the page and checking for pingbacks at the bottom; it should look something like this:


Next, it’s simply a case of writing a blog post and including links to these sites within your content – just make sure the link is relevant and that you’re not linking out to spammy sites.

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