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Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

EBook directories offer a great way to get a few extra links if you’ve written an eBook.

It doesn’t have to be a particularly long or in-depth eBook either, so if you’ve got any PDFs floating around (perhaps from “content upgrades” and whatnot), these will do just fine.

Here’s how to do it:

Finding eBook directories can be done simply by Googling the phrase “eBook directory”:


Sift through the results and note down any directories that offer links (and that you would also actually like a link from).

Look through the site and you should find a “submissions” page (hint: it’s usually on the main menu bar).

Fill in your information and hit the submit button.

Note: If you don’t have an eBook for this technique, you can simply compile a bunch of your existing blog posts, give it a title, and convert it to a PDF format, then submit that.

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