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Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

No matter what industry you’re in, there will be at least one commonly believed myth or misconception that – most likely – frustrates you:


By letting everyone know about this myth and setting the record straight in a big, bold manner, you’ll often get a significant amount of attention (and therefore links).

Here’s the process:

Unfortunately, there’s no fool proof method for discovering myths and misconceptions in your industry; you’ll instead need to rely on your experience and expertise to do-so.

Having said that, here’s a Google search operator that might yield some results if you’re really struggling:


If you do this for the SEO niche, you’ll see quite a few results:


Once you’ve found a super-frustrating myth/misconception, you’re going to have to prove it wrong; the best way to do this is in a written blog post, like this one:


When you’ve written your post and published it, there’s two paths you can take:

If you’re going down the promotion route, here are some people you might want to promote it to:

Here’s a basic outreach template you can use to do-so:

“Hey [NAME],


I couldn’t help but notice that you [PREVIOUSLY WROTE ABOUT | PREVIOUSLY COMMENTED ON A POST ABOUT] the idea that [INSERT MYTH].

It drives me insane (I’m sure it does you too) that this idea is constantly held as the gospel truth, despite it clearly being a myth; so, I decided to write a post disproving it once and for all.

Fancy checking it out?


If they check out your post and seem to react positively, you can then consider asking them to share or link to it.

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