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Create Simple Images from Data

Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

Information can be difficult to consume, especially in large quantities.

That’s partly why easy-to-digest “infographics” have become so popular over the years…


But, you don’t have to create a lengthy (and often expensive) infographic to represent most data; you can simply create small and simple graphics instead.

These can then be sent to bloggers, who may choose to embed them on relevant pages on their site(s).

For example, here’s an image Matthew Barby created after noticing tonnes of bloggers were talking about full moon party dates:


It’s nothing particularly special, but after reaching out to a few travel bloggers, he managed to land a good few links.

Here’s how to do it:

You can utilise low-cost freelancers on sites like Fiverr/UpWork/etc. to create simple graphics for just a few dollars..


Here’s a pitch template you can use once you have your graphic:

“Hey [NAME],


Just read your post about [TOPIC] and noticed you included details about [INSERT TOPIC].

I’ve actually just created a nifty graphic containing all of this info – might make a nice addition to your post?

Here’s the graphic if you want to check it out: [INSERT LINK]

Let me know what you think.


PS. More than happy for you to add it to your post if you think it would be useful – all I ask is that you include an attribution link back to my site 🙂

Note: There’s no need to overcomplicate your graphic; it could be nothing more than 2-3 photos illustrating a process (such as making garam masala) consolidated into one graphic.

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