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Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

If you publish anything remotely popular on the web, it’s going to get plagiarised (yes, really).

People often copy/paste chunks of content (e.g. quotes, facts, ideas, etc.) from websites and incorporate them into their own blog posts.

If they link back to your site with a “source” link, this isn’t a big problem.

But, most people completely neglect (or simply forget) to do this.

And there’s very little you can do about this once it’s happened.

You could regularly (i.e. monthly/weekly) run every piece of content on your site through a plagiarism detector such as Copyscape, but this can be extremely time-consuming and expensive.

Prevention is therefore the best solution.

Here’s how to do it:

Easy Tynt is a simple Wordpress plugin that automatically adds an attribution link whenever someone tries to copy content from your website.

It does this by adding a tiny bit of Javascript to each of your posts that automatically adds a “More from [BLOG POST URL LINK] each time someone right-clicks and selects “Copy”.

It’s free to install.

Just go to your WordPress dashboard, select “Add New” under the Plugins tab on the sidebar, then search for “Easy Tynt”.

Jon Cooper points out that changing the wording of the insert from “More from:” to “Cited from:” may increase your success rate, as it appears more “scholarly and professional”. You can change this in the plugin settings panel.

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