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Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

[ecko_quote source=”Brian Dean (Backlinko)”]’Best of’ posts are hand curated lists of the best blogs in a specific industry[/ecko_quote]

Most commonly, these are published at the end of the year (e.g. “best posts of 2016”, “sites to follow in 2016”, etc.).

Here’s an example:


Note: They are published at other times during the year too, just not as often.

If you have a great site, blog or individual blog post, these are great prospects for link building, as you can often get featured on such lists quite easily.

Here’s how to do it:

Here are a couple of Google search operators you can use to quickly find niche-specific “best of” posts:




Make a note of any sites that create these types of posts, but double-check they’re linking out to external sites before doing so (if not, they’re not very good link prospects):


Now, if you were to reach out to the publisher of a post entitled “best fitness posts in 2013”, they probably wouldn’t add your newly published blog post to that list.

That’s because your newly published blog post clearly wasn’t published in 2013 (so it wouldn’t make sense to be on the list).

But, any sites publishing these kind of posts are likely to publish the same type of post at the end of each year (best posts of 2014, best posts of 2015, etc.).

Therefore, it pays to reach out and let them know about any great content you publish during the year, as they may very well feature you on their next “best of” post.

Here’s an outreach template:

“Hey [NAME],


I was just reading your list of the best [INSERT TOPIC] and wanted to quickly get in touch.

I’ve just put-together a post about [INSERT TOPIC] and thought you might like it. Here’s the link: [INSERT LINK].

P.S. Might make a nice addition to your next “best of” list at the end of the year? 🙂


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