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Joshua HardwickJoshua Hardwick

Most industries have their own terms and buzzwords, which can often confuse those new to the field…


SEO is a great example of this, as most people new to the industry will have a hard time understanding the relevance of: penguins; pandas; hummingbirds; and skyscrapers in terms of online marketing.

This is where a glossary of industry terms comes in handy.

And, because these terms are written in abundance all over the web, there’s a never-ending stream of link building opportunities.

Here’s the process:

Creating an industry glossary is a pretty straightforward – yet massively time-consuming – process that involves compiling all industry terms into a single resource, and writing easy-to-understand definitions for each.

Here’s a great example of a glossary for internet terms.

When you’ve created and published your glossary, you’ll need to promote it; the easiest way to do this is to contact anyone using one or more terms from your glossary somewhere on their site, and kindly suggest that they might like to link to your definition.

You can find people using your terms using this Google search operator:


Sift through the results and note down the sites that you would actually want a link from (you should grab their contact information too).

It’s then time to make contact; here’s a template you can use:

“Hey [NAME],


I was just reading one of your posts (this one: [INSERT LINK TO POST]) and couldn’t help but notice you used quite a few [INDUSTRY] terms.

I’ve been involved in [INDUSTRY] for X years, so everything was crystal clear to me (great article btw!), but for anyone new to the industry, they probably wouldn’t be so familiar with some of the terms.

I’ve actually just put-together a complete glossary of industry terms; might be worth linking to it from your article, perhaps? It would definitely be super-useful for some of your readers.

Let me know if you fancy checking it out and I’ll send the link.


Your aim is to convince them to link to your glossary from within their post(s).

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