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Blog carnivals are online events where multiple bloggers come together to write about the same theme or topic.

They have a host (usually an influential blogger in the niche) who decides upon a topic for the blog carnival – other bloggers then put together their own posts based on that topic within a specific period of time.

Then, the host links to all of the posts from a sort of “master” blog post (providing that they meet any guidelines issued by the carnival host).

Here’s an example from MummyK:


If you look down the post, you’ll see that she links out to posts written by blog carnival participants:


Here’s how to do it:

Blog carnival opportunities can be found with a couple of simple Google searches, such as:


Make sure to refine your search results to the past year (or month) to find only the opportunities that still exist:


It’s super-important to do this, as it’s unlikely that a blog carnival from 2012 will still be regularly updated by the host (which means you’re unlikely to get a link).

Note: If you’re unsure if a blog carnival is still being updated, reach out to the host and ask.

Here’s an email script:

“Hey [NAME],

Are you still running the [INSERT TOPIC] blog carnival?

If so, I’d love to submit a post.

Let me know,



Look at the guidelines for the blog carnival, then write your post.

Submit your post to the host and get your link. Simple.

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